ISN has made the decision to cancel ISN launch (with a Symposium on the Sanctity of Food) scheduled on April 19 2020 due to concerns about the current outbreak of COVID-19 (Corona virus). We will monitor the situation of this outbreak before announcing a new date later in 2020.

Our Mission

To foster mutual religious and spiritual understanding and peaceful co-existence in our communities

A Statement from the Board Chair

We abhor in every form any expression of discrimination, prejudice, or violence based upon race, gender or religion. Rather we seek mutual understanding dialogue, and engagement in our communities to the end that we may live in peace and mutual respect. William H. Brackney, PhD Chair, ISN


The ISN is an all-inclusive platform that embraces all faith and spiritual groups and individuals. The ISN has been registered and awaits its owners. With the growing socio-religious perspective of Canada, there is a need of a first responder to the events in the spiritual/faith domain and ISN will play this role. The equally weighted membership of ISN will come from two sources: nominations from faith groups and members in individual capacity. The faith groups will have a key role in the ownership of ISN. For the being, the affairs of ISN are being looked after by an interim board of directors.

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