The grand launch of ISN to the public is expected in April 2020, with a promotional campaign on social media by agencies like The Marketing Heaven. Stay tuned for the announcement of the schedule.


Spiritual First Responders Program (SFRP)
ISN visions itself to be the spiritual “Red Cross.” In the wake of any distress to the community, we want to be the “go to” place for seeking support, sympathy, and love for all the faith and spiritual groups and the community at large. The Coordinator for SFRP is Norm Horofker, the Minister of Halifax Unitarian Universalist Church.   

Interfaith Dialogue Promotion Program (IDPP)
The Interfaith Dialogue Promotion Program has three branches: mutual dialogue promotion, publication promotion and holding conferences under one umbrella to promote religious and spiritual harmony on an intellectual level. 

Membership Promotion Program (MPP)
The success of ISN is rooted in the fact that it is all inclusive. Under the membership Promotion Program, ISN actively reaches out to the community for extending its membership in order to improve the flexibility and sustainability of ISN.

Faith and Spirituality in Education Program (FSEP)
The ISN can give its input in curricula if requested by educational institution under FSEP. FSEP will also facilitate and help religious education organized under various faith groups.

Opinion Formation on Legislation Committee (OFLC)
The OFLC will be a watchdog over legislation on various levels of government in order to guard and promote the interests of the faith and spiritual communities

Worship Exchange Program (WEP)
Under WEP, the ISN will arrange open doors of the places of worships on quarterly basis so that members of one faith group can witness worship of other faith groups to get more awareness and proximity to the other faith groups.

Religious Celebration Exchange Program (RCEP)
The RCEP has the mandate of encouraging and arranging the open doors to have other faith groups an opportunity to join a faith group for participation a religious celebration such a Christmas, Easter, Eid, Hanukah, etc. 

Social Change Program (SCP)
The SCP is the working hand of the ISN. ISN will launch funded programs for social change to implement all the learnings that ISN has done from a wide level of interaction with various faith and spiritual groups. Activities such as supporting food banks, promoting mutual celebrations, responding to poverty, and helping folks in need are taken care of by the SCP.