ISN has been formed because of the recent need for an all-inclusive platform that includes people of all faiths. We’ve been meeting for a few years now, but we want to make a change and go beyond holding discussions, to making an impact in our community. We want to promote real sustainable spiritual interaction. We want faith groups to each other in depth and be aware of their common good.


As a result of the pro-immigrant policies of the Canadian government, the religious diversity of
Canada is strengthening. To foster this growing diversity, organization such as ISN is necessary,
especially in the Maritime Provinces. ISN features the following:     

  1. All inclusive: faiths and spiritual groups
  2. A central point of contact for all faiths and spiritual groups in the time of distress and
  3. Promotion of interfaith understanding through dialogue
  4. Realize tangible actions from dialogues for measureable change in society
  5.  Enable policy formation at various levels of government.